About us

MALVALOCA BRAND is a Spanish designers brand founded in 2015 by three friends, Emi, Loreto and Belen. Since the very beginning, we have been cultivating our own very authentic style of boho-chic. Natural materials meet an amalgamation of difference cultures influences.

“We want to create collections that looks like all the best memories of a world traveler".

Ethical manufacturing It was the craftsmanship that we discovered during our trips that inspired us to launch our firts collection together.

Every handmade piece is unique.

From season to season, the human dimension of this process has taken on its full importance.

Sustainable development is not only about the environment. In this generic term, there are three founding pillars. The social one, the environmental one, and the economic one. The action of Malvaloca Brand alongside its suppliers is perfectly in keeping with this approach. The social environment around partners counts enormously for us. The relations that link the brand to its partners are primordial. It’s a chain of solidarity in which each supports and helps the other.

Made with love

We appreciate the world’s traditional handicraft by making millennia-old techniques the foundation of our collections. Handwork is a value which is being lost in the world. These ancestral gestures are being preserved thanks to manufacturing that asserts its difference.We prefer to produce less, but better.

Long-Lasting Partnerships

 Through the creation of our collections, we have also been creating a family, weaving loving, trusting and respectful relationships that keep growing along with the brand.